DVWA - Configure Burp

We will use Burp Suite to solve the DVWA challenges. To do so we need to configure the tool and our web browser.

Burp Suite installation

Please refer to the official documentation to learn how to install Burp.

On Linux you just have to download and run a script.

Starting Burp Suite

Once Burp Suite is installed start it. The Community Edition of Burp Suite only allows for temporary projects, so choose this and click next.

burp suite temporary project

Since we haven’t got a configuration yet we choose Burp defaults on the next screen. Later on we can save our config in a file a reload it on the next Burp launch.

burp suite default configuration

Configuring the target scope

Burp Suite is now started. The first thing to do is to configure our target scope which will define the requests we will intercept and modify. To do so :

  1. Target > Scope > Add.
  2. Set the prefix to localhost.
  3. Click OK.

burp suite scope configuration

We choose to avoid accumulating data and click Yes on the pop up that follows.

burp suite scope accumulation

Configuring the interception options

We configure the proxy to intercept the client requests and server responses only when the URL is in the target scope.

To do so :

  1. Proxy > Options > Intercept Client Requests.
  2. Check the box And URL Is in target scope.

burp suite proxy options

Do the same for the option Intercept Server Responses.

We now disable the interception, we will enable it when needed. To do so Proxy > Intercept > Intercept is on.

burp suite disable intercept

Configure your browser proxy

Burp suite proxy is by default We configure our Firefox proxy to redirect all requests to Burp.

To do so :

  1. Click Preferences in the Firefox menu.
  2. Search for proxy.
  3. Click on Settings….

firefox options

Then configure the proxy with the following settings.

Setting Value
Manual proxy configuration Checked
HTTP Proxy
Port 8080
SOCKS v4 Checked
No Proxy for Empty

firefox proxy configuration

Firefox is now setup to use Burp as its proxy. You can now do some challenges with Burp Suite and Firefox.